For various reasons I opted to honor Aegir today. I admittedly don't know Him well so I wrote a simple prayer and packed up some cookies I hoped He would like.

I went to Deception Pass State park here in Washington. The bridge passes over a sill where waters begin their mix with the Puget Sound and the Pacific Ocean. The Puget Sound does have areas of depths up to 1000 feet but where I was  we're looking at only about 150.

Lord of the Northern Seas
I honor your welcoming
Husband of Ran
Sire of Nine
I honor your gift
Your fertile lands beneath the waves
I honor you with gift in kind.

I tossed a bunch of Cranberry Nut cookies over the bridge, watching for police as I was, ahem, right across from the 'No Throwing Items over the Bridge' sign. Oh well. Watching the cookies descend was a little dizzying- the bridge is 200 feet off of the water.

I gave a moment of silence and felt the subtle acceptance one can sometimes feel. He seemed somewhat amused, or maybe He is just frequently happy, I don't know Him well enough. 'Thank you little one,' I heard.

On the way home I treated myself to an oyster burger from a little shrimp shack on the corner of Hwy 20 and Deception road- you can't miss it. The business is truly a shack, not even a name sign. But fresh oysters shucked right there- delicious! I saluted the bounty from His fields as I ate.

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