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This is a month of Loki so I ask you, what are you going to do? For many, it seems, this is a month of writing and reading blogs. That’s great and fine and dandy and all, but that is a passive form of devotion akin to researching genealogy and calling it ancestor veneration. In celebration of this month, I'm writing this one post on Loki. It’s really a challenge.

See, I’m challenging you to actually *do* something in devotion to Loki. There are a multitude of things that can be done. At its simplest, take the time you would be reading blogs and instead of sitting on your tush in front of a computer, go spend that time in prayer to him or in meditation on his aspects. 

There are plenty of other ideas. Anyone who works with Loki knows his fondness for children. Sign up and commit to a Big Brother/Big Sister program. Check out the Shriners hospitals. They are the 9th most popular ranked non-profit/charity and focus only on kids. Work a few extra hours and donate the funds to them here: Shriners.

A slightly different kiddo angle; Loki is acutely aware of the issues of childless children. If one thinks of his story, his surviving child was effectively left alone with his binding and Sigyn’s vigil. Find a good orphanage you admire and donate. If you don't know of one; I do. I adopted through this agency and have been to the orphanage in Ethiopia. Every darn dime goes to the kids, they have amazing service and they do a phenomenal job: AAI.

Every good deity is an environmentalist. Go out and spend this month of Loki cleaning up your surrounding neighborhood. Choose a street side, a trail, or a section of stream or shoreline and just pick up trash. It isn't hard. Some people prefer to donate to an environmental cause- that’s great also!!

Another option is to contact your local community college and find out about people in transition programs. Loki is a good of dramatic change which, though rough, ultimately ends up for the best. See what you can do, how you can help volunteer, and help local folk take a step up to a better life. Put yourself out there!

Just want to do some personal work this month? That’s great also but make it active, not passive like reading blogs. Make a creative journal and blog privately just for yourself. Let Loki not only raise you up spiritually, but let him inspire you. Use colors, embed found objects, and cloths, ribbons, make pop-up cutouts; you're getting the idea! Pick topics like life goals, what you *really* want in a mate, the ideal job, your weaknesses, your strengths, the beauty inside you and the shadows you need to bind. This along with prayer and meditation can become a life changing tool.

This month of Loki is YOUR month. Make it count, make it something. DO – don’t just read! It's one monthOtherwise you may as well be talking to rocks.