Scent of cool mist on the air
as the winding river is tracked over the crunch of gravel.
Glints of yellow through the trees, the light
glancing off of moss covered branches.

Vulture circles overhead,
soft smell of rot carries on wind's current.
The Eater of Death alights under leavings of gleaming dew.

The vision's long fingers stream through the mind as the trail meanders to the bank.
Bits of copper, beads, a comb;
remnants of singing joy by the rock.

Water swirls composing art just as the clouds while the Mother cries in the cave dressed in rags, her tears feed the fruiting bushes overhanging waters edge.

Lady of Copper reaches forward, the berries are sweetness.


Iba Osun sekese
Yeye opo
Osan rere o

(Praise to the Goddess of Mystery
Mother of Abundance
We sing your praises
So be it)
I call upon you.
I give you my respect and remembrance.*

Ancestors of blood and bone and flesh, of lineage  and ase.
I stand before you, you stand behind me,
Raising me up on your strength and support

Ancestors, I give you respect and remembrance.
Give me good feet so I may follow my destiny,
Guide me with your wisdom to the right path,
Support me in my trials

Egungun in Ode Remo, Nigeria
For I do not know whether to pour oil or wine first.
For I do not know whether to lay offerings or pray first.
For I do not know whether to look east or west.
Teach me how to build the nest so the entrance faces down in a curve.

Lend me your wisdom and guidance.
I give you my respect and remembrance.


Mojube to the Holy Odu Oturopon Meji for inspiration and words.
* this is a good spot to call upon specific names of ancestors, if you are a woman then begin with your maternal ancestors, if male then begin with your paternal line. "I call upon ___, ___, etc" and then go back to the prayer.