So very annoying. If an Odin's man or a Freya's woman says something off or inappropriate, no one blames Odin or Freya. But someone who ascribes to Loki? You'll be sure to find comments about how the person was 'led' or 'tricked' or 'turned' by Loki- the person is under his 'malevolent influence' or some such rubbish.

Come on people. Let's think this through. There are good and bad people who follow every deity from Loki to Set to Yahweh. We need to change the general pagan/indigenous culture to one of individual accountability, not deific culpability.
Early morn before anything needed done I rose and left my home.
State route, county road, gravel, then leaf deep path.
Thirty three miles further into the mountains than I already live.

Past rivers strewn with the marbles of giants.
Mossed birch stands as mist's sentinels.
Path narrows, washed out becoming streams under reaching waterfall fingers.

Impromptu despacho of the found,
Earth gives to be honored.
Square within circle,
Singing is heard, "My name is Kporoye."

Praise to the ancestors.
Respect to the lands.
Reverence to the sweet waters.
I pray for determination.