PictureMother figure from the bank of the river Somme in France, circa 4000 B.C.
Our Mothers, many long forgotten, will make us remember our ancestral memories once they have decided that the remembering is in order. E'en if we close our eyes and clamp our hands over our ears, they will pound, tease, and goad; they will not cease till we cave and open ourselves to their light, to their truth, for it is our light's truth also.

The poems, orikis, stories, and songs of one's lineage contains the very soul of the mothers and fathers. For this reason it is good to spend time with phrases, to create and pay homage to their essence allowing the air in our mouths to form substance to the word. Don't get me wrong, eclecticism is fine, but spend special time with the sounds of one's ancestors for only they will guide your consciousness into the remembering we all so sorely need.

We were all born with umbilical cords that link us to eternity. We merely need to access the universal texts that are utterly stamped into our blood, our bones, our flesh, for it is truly our spiritual DNA. It will draw in long forgotten family and ways. This recall may be joyous, it may be painful. It will cross boundaries of time, space, language, place, race, and culture. Reconnections will be made.

It is your Mothers who will do this. Reverence to the Mothers.