I'm not sure how many of you have heard of the DC40 initiative. This is spearheaded by John Benefiel and Cindy Jacobs, both operatives for the New Apostolic Reformation movement (NAR).

The basic plan is to launch a 40 day prayer 'siege' over the U.S. "Releasing the light and sound of eternal worship over the district of Christ." 1  Seige is not my word, the initiative openly admits this plan to be a seige in the hopes of releasing 'the power of blood colored light' over us. 2

So why does this bother me? Why should it bother any of us? Simply put, ignoring factions such as these is implicit approval. If no one complains then groups such as those gain a foothold and policymakers, educators, and regulators are given free rein to behave as they see fit. This nation is Christian based and I have no reason to assume that most legislative people out there and those with the money and power don't approve of 'release(ing) perfect Blood-covered love into the core of your being" 2. I for one, not being Christian, really don't want someone praying for 40 days so my legislatures can 'function on a different playing field' 1. I don't think the DC40 group has 'legal spiritual access' over me, nor do I want them to even think they have that right. 2

We can move beyond just what I personally feel. Let's look at the language- the word seige. This is a specific ploy, a targeted word intended to evoke the concept of a fight, an us against them agenda.  I believe the Nazi's were originally considered an insignificant faction in the beginning also. Similar to the Nazi's, top NAR leaders such as Cindy Jacob's openly advocate burning books and unsanctioned religious effigies. 3 These books and effigies are far ranging and include the Book of Mormon, statues of Catholic Saints, African masks, totem poles, and Hopi Indian dolls.

The language used is poetic- destroying what is deemed 'unholy' is called spiritual housecleaning. Phrases such as this are psychologically and culturally positive. They allow an unquestioning reader to think 'of course, I want to clean house and feel fresh and new again!' Face it folks, most people don't put a lot of thought into political agendas they ascribe to, they won't to DC40 and NAR either. The few who bother to think through the ramifications need to stand up and say no.

I've seen commentary that we should just ignore DC40- 'they' will just go away. NAR openly supports Texas Governor Rick Perry. What could become of movements such as these if they gain enough power? I doubt the marketers are foolish. They have and will continue to seek strong political, legislative support. They will be loud, they will advocate cleansing and the power of the light. The average citizen out there will either go along with the program or will just 'wait' for it to go away. Let's not just wait. We don't have to necessarily raise aggressive banners of battle but we do have to stand our ground, we do have to draw a line for religious tolerance.

So, the cliffhanger here. What's with TI42? Turtle Island 42 is a homegrown initiative that will be seeking to "organize focused learning, support and daily spiritual work in validation of and gratitude for indigenous spirituality and Ancestral traditions that have sustained human life in harmony with nature and Spirit for the majority of human history." The organizers will be posting daily prayers and blogs for 42 days (centered around the DC40 days) in an effort to enhance understanding and spiritual support for indigeny and ancestral traditions. Check it out here: The Turtle Island 42 Initiative.

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10/8/2011 01:24:38 am

Wow, I didn't know they openly believed in burning religious items. Haven't indigenous people and the Hopi in particular suffer enough *sigh*. I find this deeply concerning.

I will withhold the typical reaction but I believe this is the new and dangerous face of Christianity...no more or less dangerous than radical Islam. America is worried about foreign terrorists...sad fact is the most dangerous elements that can and will destroy America are already here... >_> *sigh*


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