2012 will be an interesting year for heathen events. There are two of particular note and I recommend people trying to attend at least one of these festivals. Between the two there should be something to appeal to just about any heathen! At this time, I intend on attending both. Please note the events are listed alphabetically, this is NOT in order of preference.

The Nine Worlds Festival

Welcome to our celebration of the Norse/Germanic/Anglo-Saxon Gods and Goddesses! We are gathering at Ramblewood Retreat Center in Darlington, MD from October 18 - 21 , 2012, Thursday through Sunday. Come walk the Nine Worlds that spin around the World Tree, and honor the Gods, spirits, and ancestors.

While this event is open to everyone, the focus will be on modern Neo-Pagan ways of honoring the Northern Gods. This is not a reconstructionist-focused event; it is a place for diverse worshipers to come together and share. Many different Northern Gods will be honored at some point or another during the weekend, and while no one is required to honor any particular deity, we expect folks to be respectful of all differing religious practices, the Gods of everyone present, and all other attendees regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, or lifestyle. Hospitality, and creating a safe, peaceful, and nonjudgmental space for everyone is a high priority for us.
Come to the shadow of Yggdrasil and dance with us!

Information here: Nine Worlds Festival


Mark your dates for Trothmoot 2012 on the calendar now: June 7-10, 2012, at Camp Netimus in Milford, Pennsylvania. This event will be the 25th annual Trothmoot, and as a tribute to the history of The Troth and to its founders and successive leadership, some of the Elders of The Troth will be in attendance. This Trothmoot will present participants with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to meet some of the greatest movers and shakers in Heathenry and to hear their experiences first hand. [Rumor has it Freya Aswynn, among others, will be in attendance].

Information here: Trothmoot

NOTE: From the Troth FAQs: "People who are closely involved with Loki are welcome as Troth members, but hailing Loki at Troth-sponsored events is not allowed." Please honor this if you choose to attend Trothmoot.