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Sigyn said something to me last week and I can't quite get it out of my mind. I was asking her 'why humans?', why do the Gods come to us. Of course I was being primarily selfish, talking about me but I was also curious about humans in general.

I mean, we take time. Training really. Our lives are short. We get confused, we are limited. Why bother? Why humans?

She said to me something like, 'Humans are innocent' as though that explained everything. 'Innocent?' I asked. 'I'm not innocent'. She smiled, waved her hand in dismissal. 'Those things, they are like specks of dirt we can wipe off. Humans are innocent. You don't truly understand the consequences of your actions, their whole effect on wyrd and orlog. Gods though, we understand,' and then she looked down for a moment and then looked back at me with such soft sadness, 'and we do those things anyway.'