There was a blog not long ago that caused a fair amount of distress among people, much of it dealing with spousery. Many viewed the blog as an 'elder vs newbie' type of deal.

So here's the scoop. Nothing wrong with being an elder. Nothing wrong with being new. What people have to understand though, is that even though a title may be granted or assumed, it takes time to be earned.

It's akin to priesthood. There are paths where the initial entitlement of priesthood is merely the beginning. Its one's babyhood, its a time to begin learning. The title is the earned through hard work. This isn't work such as counseling, preaching, leading, channeling, or divining. In the paths I am thinking of, that is actually frowned upon and the person doing so loses respect. The hard work entails study, devotion, introspection. It entails humility and the knowing of when to ask and actually engage in meaningful dialogue with those who have already been through the first five or ten years. It is the patience and fortitude to slowly gain ground, to add to one's skills and abilities and bit by bit begin using that strong repertoire of abilities to perform meaningful spiritual work.  

It is a time of learning and growth. We tell children, 'Don't be in such a hurry to grow up." Why would any spouse want to do that? That's really what it is with spousery. Making that commitment is just the beginning, it is not entitlement to teach or guide. You only have those first years once, enjoy them. Learn from them. Develop a connection deeper than you can even imagine. Take those years to mature like the finest of wines. Enjoy them, they will be gone soon enough.

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