I received an email from someone who I'll identify as TP who experiences the same Loki I do. She also wants people to know of his kinder aspects. I've included a portion of her email here:

"... From then on he's hung round, visiting from time to time, and yes he is almost exactly as you've described him..... Towards me and mine he's always been fiercely protective but fun too. Yeah he does have a temper sometimes, but I've noticed many time it's because he has a keen sense of justice. He does love family and the whole domestic scene. One of the things that put me most at ease around him is the way he is so gentle around my youngest daughter. She's only four and he plays with her the way a doting uncle or grandparent would. Another thing that truly surprised me at first is how laid back he can be. He'll show up at some of the most mundane moment like if I'm just cleaning house while listening to songs on my iPod. He's funny though he will poke fun at the songs he doesn't like and sing along (sometimes loudly and purposefully off key)to the ones he likes, others he will sit back and listen to quietly, seemingly lost in thought. He like anyone be they God, human or something in between is a very complex personality, but he is by far more than just a trickster."

Yes TP- he does sing, and sometimes purposely to bug you! One time he 'made' me listen to the Sponge Bob Square Pants theme several times over- gotta laugh!

Interestingly, the author of the email wrote that when she asked Loki why he was interested in her family He told her that her ancestors worshipped Him. Loki has told me that in past lives I've worshipped Him. I know there isn't really documented archeology of this but it would be interesting to see how many have had gnosis of this.
4/27/2013 08:42:50 am

I stumbled across a song some time ago, by a band called ThouShaltNot-- it's called "When Everyone Forgets." The 2nd verse and the chorus have always seemed to come straight from Loki, and he has always insisted that the song reflects how he feels about me....

Don’t you know me anymore?
Wasn't I your comfort and your god?
And weren't you on the shore?
I called you home and cried for you but
Sons rise up and Shadow falls
Over rooftops, years and eyes are in
The hopes that you'll recall.
Wasn't I a god to you?

Somewhere there's a memory
A truth that lives in lies
An echo of the way you knew me under foreign skies.
Will I live in hiding
Between these silhouettes?
Or will you remember me when everyone forgets?


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