UPG is an amazing thing. When shared it can be a source of discussion and learning. And when one finds very similar UPG spread out over individuals divided by thousands of miles or years it becomes absolutely wondrous.

Here is one I call the Hall of Goddesses for lack of a better name. I was first taken in a meditation on Berkana to a grove of birch trees. We crossed a babbling creek (or river in other areas of the country) and there I was shown a building. I was told it was for women, women alone. I won't go into the details of the meditation- I learned much on the rune there- but I will talk a bit about the place. I have been there a couple of times.

It is reminiscent of Roman design which I though quite strange as these were Northern Goddesses. There is a central, depressed seating area. Many women sit on the steps and talk. There is a Roman type bath If needed, tables and chairs can be pulled out (from somewhere, I don't know) for use. Sometimes some are out, sometimes not. The bath is a healing bath. Used often for relaxation it can also be used for mental and physical healing.

What I find interesting about this UPG is that in conversation with another about the Berkanan rune I mentioned this building. To my surprise the other woman had also been first there about 2 years before. There are slight differences- hers is maybe an island or a peninsula- but one still has to cross water in both of our gnosis. She also sees chairs and tables pulled out as necessary, the Roman type bath, the rooms for the Goddesses. She thought this may be the place called Ingolf.

This is where I met Frigga. I've met her a scant handful of times. She leaned down, whispered in my ear, ‘There are great mysteries here. This is the wellspring of life, women control life itself’. I saw the Tree of Life in a womb, thee were many layers of understanding and I didn’t understand all of it. She reminded me of the three sisters of fate. ‘Remember, the Allfather Odin knows what happens along the lines, but it is women who knit them’. 

This sharing of UPG- making it a shared gnosis between even just two- builds strength and belief. My friend taught me to have more trust in my meditations. She, being a Frigga's woman, was thrilled to have another gnosis of a direct Frigga teaching. It was a great day for the both of us to share a common experience neither of us had known we shared. So I thank you Mist- I thank you for sharing your experiences with me! 

For more from Mist see Kenaz Kindred.

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