Woke up feeling a bit sharp this morning to find more grumping and arguing on a private list sooooo.... this is going to be a bit of a rant post.

First, everybody needs to quit with rumor mill crap. All around. The rule about no rumor mill applies to everyone. Here's what has been getting me going.

Members of the Troth are all up in arms over one of 'our own' as it is phrased, due to his potential misconduct and the ensuing bad press. Check out this lovely article: Councilman busted in bribery probe...

Last year it was this guy: Prominent heathen charged with theft and More details emerge about cop...

Now, my goal here isn't really to dig up dirt and the Troth is only an example, this isn't confined to only the Troth as the issue is widespread. Just unfortunately, my current examples are Troth members (or were). With both of these cases, the 'good Troth heathen community' certainly had and has viable concerns about public image yet *also* debates the point that one is innocent till proven guilty.

Except that simple rule, that common sense application of justice and the elimination of school yard tongue-wagging, doesn't apply to people with differing views. 

One prominent Heathen elder has frequently made vicious accusations against Galina Krasskova. In the forums she posted in, no one really said, 'Wait, where is proof of guilt?' Other Northern Traditionalists such as anyone even remotely related to Cauldron Farms are repeatedly accused of crimes by  the mainstream heathen community up to and including rape, again I don't see anyone saying, 'Wait, where is the proof of guilt? They are innocent until proven guilty.' None of the horrid accusations has led to a viable law suit- no one has been convicted of anything.

Yet, these people and groups are often touted as bad for the 'public image' of heathenry, as bad people, bad religionists, and even just plain dangerous. Don't believe me? Go into almost any mainstream heathen forum like AsatruLore or Asatru & Heathenry on Facebook and ask about Cauldron Farm or Galina. You'll be able to read drama filled novelettes full of fictional suspense and intrigue till your eyes explode. 

I'm just finding it super interesting that the bad public press is coming from 'stand up' heathens. Maybe people need to start thinking before they accuse. Kinda like my Father used to tell me (greatest of reverence to him)- "When you point a finger, remember, there are three pointing back at you."

And just because I feel like it:
On Patheos.com: In a historic first yesterday, Galina Krasskova, a Heathen, gave the opening prayer at a conference on women and indigeny being held at the United Nations. The first Heathen to ever do so. You can find the text of her opening ancestor prayer,here. I could be wrong, but I believe this conference was part of the larger 11th Session of the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues (UNPFII), which I mentioned earlier. Congratulations to Galina on this achievement!
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4/7/2013 11:34:07 pm


4/24/2013 11:51:21 pm

Very fervently agreed. I'm fairly well convinced that the vast majority of people who keep the rumor mill turning just can't be satisfied unless there's some kind of drama going on. Unfortunately, it's a very widespread phenomenon; not to get off-topic, but I'm a dog trainer... and if I hear one more unsubstantiated accusation against Mr. Millan I may just eat my clicker! I'm not familiar with the Cauldron Farm group, but I have found Galina's work to be poignant, insightful, and very relevant to our community! Until I see proof of a very good reason not to, I do and will whole-heartedly support her efforts.


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