I call upon you.
I give you my respect and remembrance.*

Ancestors of blood and bone and flesh, of lineage  and ase.
I stand before you, you stand behind me,
Raising me up on your strength and support

Ancestors, I give you respect and remembrance.
Give me good feet so I may follow my destiny,
Guide me with your wisdom to the right path,
Support me in my trials

Egungun in Ode Remo, Nigeria
For I do not know whether to pour oil or wine first.
For I do not know whether to lay offerings or pray first.
For I do not know whether to look east or west.
Teach me how to build the nest so the entrance faces down in a curve.

Lend me your wisdom and guidance.
I give you my respect and remembrance.


Mojube to the Holy Odu Oturopon Meji for inspiration and words.
* this is a good spot to call upon specific names of ancestors, if you are a woman then begin with your maternal ancestors, if male then begin with your paternal line. "I call upon ___, ___, etc" and then go back to the prayer.

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