There are quite a few blogs and websites out there right now about Loki. Most are people, primarily women, describing their own learning process regarding their devotion to Him. Doesn't matter how the blog is described or candy coated- that's what is revealed in the writings. This is wonderful, writing is an absolutely fantastic forum for one to sort through their emotions, index their thoughts, get in touch with their own boundaries and limits. I write. I'm not a prolific blogger- anyone can see that. But I journal daily, about a 1000 pages a year. It's valuable, it's become my book of shadows. Songs the Gods sing to me, techniques, jokes, stories, my thoughts, things I've learnt. All in there in my trusty little hard drive.

I do have some critique of the plethora of blogs though. It's not going to win me many friends or points but I think the statements need to be said- primarily to the readers. See, I've had quite a few emails, IMs, and flat out phone calls. People get confused. The deal here is that everyone has a unique experience with a deity. Doesn't matter which one, this really isn't a 'Loki' issue though He is the example here.

The questions I get tend to range from, 'But they are describing Him like He's a bar buddy? Is that really how Lokeans feel about their God?' to 'I don't have a relationship like that and want to- what am I doing wrong?' Crap. The former is fairly easy to explain. Loki comes as He comes to people. Some need that joshing friend in a God, others don't. Gods will use what is needed to get through to a person.

The latter however, that's where it gets hard. These people are usually struggling with their own issues, struggling with their own devotions, working so hard to develop that connection with their God. Then along comes this site talking about this that and the other thing and bang! The poor dear reader now thinks they are doing something wrong or they are just hurt badly. Some literally become wounded inside and it breaks my heart- hence this post.

I'm not going to get into whether people should be putting up their blogs. Everyone has different reasons. Fine and dandy. But what I will say- If reading a blog causes you to doubt your faith and ability to connect with your God then DON'T READ THE BLOG!!!

Do I need to repeat that? Yes. DON'T READ THE BLOG IF IT CAUSES YOU PAIN!!

Now I know that is hard. It's like watching a feckin' train wreck. You can't take your eyes off, you can't get that blog out of your favorites list. 'Oh my, but what is going to happen next?' But really folks, if what you read there causes suffering and angst, then don't.

We CANNOT compare our experiences and relationships with our deities. Sure, we can share stories when we feel inclined, but what I mean here is that we can't internalize another's experience and think that's how it 'should' be. It isn't. We can't compare another's blog to our own living experience when it becomes the detriment of our own spirituality. 

Now I'm not saying there aren't some high quality blogs out there. There most definitely are. Some share great insights- four off the top of my head include Gangleri's Grove, The Fruit of Pain, House of Vines, and KenazFilan.blogspot.com. There are others- I don't want anyone to be offended if you don't see yourself on the list.

Everyone has the ability to have an amazing and unique connection. Amazing and unique because it is what that person needs then. No, not everyone will be able to *see* or *touch* a God. Maybe those that can need the additional stimulus in order to have belief. Maybe it's an accident of birth, different wiring. Doesn't make anyone better or superior.  It doesn't. It just is.

Every seeker has their own path. It is a beautiful and wonderful path that leads to discoveries each person just has to find on their own. Those personal truths won't be found in another's blog. They are only found when the time and effort is made. Blog trolling isn't really learning and connecting with a God. It's passive entertainment. If it entertains- that's fine. If it substantiates some gnosis you had concerns over, wonderful. If you do find value, great!!!

But, if you feel worse and worse and note that after reading the next installment you question yourself even more then just stop. It's an addiction you don't need. Take that time and instead invest it in yourself and your deity. Make that deal- 'instead of reading blogs today I'm going to devote that hour to you, my God. I'm going to light your candle, meditate on who you are, reach out and do my best to feel your grace and presence.'

You'll get a lot further in your own connection with your God if you just turn that computer off.

10/10/2011 09:14:23 am

One of the problems with reading the blogs of other Lokeans, is the human tendency to always compare what you've got with those who've got "more".
As a nearly completely headblind Lokean god-spouse, I'll admit that, yes, I get envious of those who can hear and see and even feel Loki's touch when they're awake. Or indulges them in dreams, even.
And yes, it can be painful to be reminded that other spouses have much more and more intimate interactions with the Husband.
Still, reading the blogs of others who are in a similar situation is useful and helps me not feel lost and start to question: "is this really _real_?".
I have to remind myself that a) I'm very blocked, but I'm working on removing the blocks in different ways, and b) the gods give us what we _need_ at different stages in our relationship with Them and not what we want.

10/10/2011 10:20:52 am

Darkamber, YOU are getting value! Happy reading.

11/2/2011 04:50:13 pm

I find it interesting to read lokean blogs. I admit I do things differently but its interesting to read~! btw if you cant take the heat get outta the kitchen ;) bwahahah...rawk on sista <3


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