The Sowilo rune has some significance for me. I haven't posted a song in a while and thought I would showcase this one from Agalloch- a Portland, OR band. From their 2008 'The White' album.
6. Sowilo Rune
Who sleep shall, awake. .
Greeting the shadows from the sun.

Who sleep shall awake. .
Watching the thunder of our lives.

Waiting for the moment to arrive.
Show us the silence in the rise.

So that we may.
Someday understand...

[Lord Summerisle:]
"Now, those children out there, they're jumping through the
flames in the hope that the god of the fire will make them fruitful. Really,
you can't blame them. After all, what girl would not prefer the child of a god
to that of some acne-scarred artisan?"

[Sergeant Howie:]
"And you encourage them in this?"

[Lord Summerisle:]
"Actively! It's most important to teach new generation born of
Summerisle be made aware that here the old gods aren't dead."

[Sergeant Howie:]
"And what of the true God? To whose glory churches and
monasteries have been built on these islands for generations past? Now shall
what of Him?"

[Lord Summerisle:]
"Oh, He's dead. He can't complain. He had his chance and in
modern parlance. Blew it."
Even back in Dreamland I could tell music is part of the blood, part of the way of the Gods. Loki was always singing. Sometimes songs I had never heard, other times very modern songs. They usually had a message, something He wanted me to hear. Other Gods sang or played instruments as well.

Heimdallr has shown me rhythm. I don't know if it is HIS rhythm, but I have seen Him dance to drums on mountain tops at the time of the setting sun. He has come to me in the night, drums following, making my very soul sway to those beats. 

There was a Gathering one time. I didn't get to see much, I was kept out of most of it. What I did see, there were beings from many places, likely many Pantheons were there. Aesir, Jotnar, Vanir, Oriental looking beings, African or Haitian looking people- there were many there. At the time of course I didn't know the words Aesir, Jotnar, etc but I could tell there were differences. I saw them as different tribes and that was adequate.

All the groups though- there was a different flavor to their songs. The African looking Gods (I'm assuming now they were Gods), They had a beautiful singsong lilt to their music, a rhythmic impulse that could feed your soul. Those with Heimdallr often had a more folk sound to their music. Unfortunately I never heard the song of the Asian looking Gods, that would have been interesting.

Loki, when He was Tobi and gently coaxing me into the realization of His reality, gave me one of His first tangible gifts. Tangible meaning I can hold, touch, see and hear this gift. You see, I never really follow the music industry. Not very interested- in my whole life I have had a total of maybe 20 albums. But He often sang beautiful songs and one day, for some reason, I locked onto an album that was due to come out. I don't know why, I had NEVER had an interest in new music, had never purchased an album the day it came out. But I was compulsed, obsessed. Even wrote the date in my calendar.

The day of release I purchased the album and immediately laid down on my bed to listen to it. One of the songs, within the first few lines I realized I knew the song. I had heard it before. I sat up with a gasp- it hadn't been released as a single, there was no way I should have known it. I looked over and saw Loki standing at the foot of the bed, standing in an odd pose, that sweet, almost shy look He can get, watching me closely. I looked at Him, remembered but still incredulous. 'I know this song!' and yes, He had sung it for me.

It is fitting. Sully Erna- third generation musical prodigy who refused to learn to read sheet music, lead singer of the hard rock band Godsmack. He had gone out on his own, wanted to do something different musically, wanted to show the world another aspect of his talent, his being. The song is My Light from his album Avalon. If you want to know another side of  Loki take a few moments and listen (tab below)- it truly is a beautiful song that may surprise the listener considering who it came from both human and God.

I find it fitting because one can see parallels. Sully, bad boy of rock and roll, in and out of trouble- Loki, bad boy of the Northern Tradition, in and out of trouble. Both doing something not necessarily in keeping with common knowledge of Them. Both birthing the beauty that each holds inside.