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This is a month of Loki so I ask you, what are you going to do? For many, it seems, this is a month of writing and reading blogs. That’s great and fine and dandy and all, but that is a passive form of devotion akin to researching genealogy and calling it ancestor veneration. In celebration of this month, I'm writing this one post on Loki. It’s really a challenge.

See, I’m challenging you to actually *do* something in devotion to Loki. There are a multitude of things that can be done. At its simplest, take the time you would be reading blogs and instead of sitting on your tush in front of a computer, go spend that time in prayer to him or in meditation on his aspects. 

There are plenty of other ideas. Anyone who works with Loki knows his fondness for children. Sign up and commit to a Big Brother/Big Sister program. Check out the Shriners hospitals. They are the 9th most popular ranked non-profit/charity and focus only on kids. Work a few extra hours and donate the funds to them here: Shriners.

A slightly different kiddo angle; Loki is acutely aware of the issues of childless children. If one thinks of his story, his surviving child was effectively left alone with his binding and Sigyn’s vigil. Find a good orphanage you admire and donate. If you don't know of one; I do. I adopted through this agency and have been to the orphanage in Ethiopia. Every darn dime goes to the kids, they have amazing service and they do a phenomenal job: AAI.

Every good deity is an environmentalist. Go out and spend this month of Loki cleaning up your surrounding neighborhood. Choose a street side, a trail, or a section of stream or shoreline and just pick up trash. It isn't hard. Some people prefer to donate to an environmental cause- that’s great also!!

Another option is to contact your local community college and find out about people in transition programs. Loki is a good of dramatic change which, though rough, ultimately ends up for the best. See what you can do, how you can help volunteer, and help local folk take a step up to a better life. Put yourself out there!

Just want to do some personal work this month? That’s great also but make it active, not passive like reading blogs. Make a creative journal and blog privately just for yourself. Let Loki not only raise you up spiritually, but let him inspire you. Use colors, embed found objects, and cloths, ribbons, make pop-up cutouts; you're getting the idea! Pick topics like life goals, what you *really* want in a mate, the ideal job, your weaknesses, your strengths, the beauty inside you and the shadows you need to bind. This along with prayer and meditation can become a life changing tool.

This month of Loki is YOUR month. Make it count, make it something. DO – don’t just read! It's one monthOtherwise you may as well be talking to rocks.


Early morn before anything needed done I rose and left my home.
State route, county road, gravel, then leaf deep path.
Thirty three miles further into the mountains than I already live.

Past rivers strewn with the marbles of giants.
Mossed birch stands as mist's sentinels.
Path narrows, washed out becoming streams under reaching waterfall fingers.

Impromptu despacho of the found,
Earth gives to be honored.
Square within circle,
Singing is heard, "My name is Kporoye."

Praise to the ancestors.
Respect to the lands.
Reverence to the sweet waters.
I pray for determination.

These are ideals anyone who wants deific involvement needs to cultivate. If you don’t have them, don’t even bother. You’ll ultimately be hit hard for hubris, you’ll only fill your head with inane sock puppetry, and you will make mistakes in what you feel is your study or work. Let’s briefly discuss each one.

Respect means to show deference and regard for another. I’m not positive there is enough respect in heathenry. Respect towards deity doesn’t necessarily mean you have to worship every power, but it does mean you need to show deference and regard. It doesn’t mean honoring one God and then insulting another- lack of respect for any deity is lack of respect for all.

I kneel, I eagerly get on my knees before my powers. It is one way I show respect, it is one way I give esteem to my deities. A simple physical act that means so much. I have been scoffed at over this and I fail to fathom why. I’ve heard, ‘I’ll never get on my knees to a deity, I’m a proud and tall heathen.’ Proud yes- to the point of hubris in my mind. These are deities, these are Gods. Kneeling before them is a privilege and a way of sharing joy.

I also strongly feel this lack of respect encompasses the, ‘I respect the Gods because they are my kin but I will not go to them ‘cause heck, they are busy’ mantra one hears so often. That isn’t respect, that is avoidance. That is only going to see Grandma when you need to borrow money, and then possibly not paying her back. Respect is visiting frequently, taking your shoes and hat off when you go through the door.  Respect is bending down to help her pick something up as needed. Respect is getting on our knees.

Silence. Why do I even need to define this? Because it is more than just being quiet. It is actively listening, it requires a stilling of the mind to allow one to hear what They are saying. It requires what I coin a ‘willful vulnerability’ to actually hear. You see, what deities will impress on one isn’t always what we want to hear. It isn’t always backpats and pink joy joy bubbles. We need to be silently vulnerable and open to actually learn not only the good about us and our surroundings, but also the shadows, the parts of pain. If gibberish is eternally spewing from our mouths then nothing of import can ever be taken within. Silence entails, for once, a point at which we stop talking or explaining or rationalizing or yammering on and just focus on being, focus on listening. 

Research. This is not only actively putting oneself into a position of learning, but it is work. That is Work with a capitol as many like to put it. What direction do the powers point us in? What is our role in this life? What do we need to do now, what next? We won’t understand this without first having the respect and silence that allows us to understand how to do the job. Once we do we need to actively pursue this role, we need to grab it by the shaft with a firm diligence that provides the greatest of esteem to our powers.

Put simply, we need to get on our knees, stop talking, and do the job before us. They want to savor our desire, they want to see aggressive application to the work, they want to see determination and staying power. When the job is done with passion and fervor, they will reward with an explosion of joy that one can practically taste as sweet as honey’d dew and with that blessing bestowed one can rise and welcome them in again and again. The lesson has been learned; respect, silence, and research.

There is a fair amount of chatter lately among some members of the mainstream heathen community over whether or not Loki should be hailed in group settings. Those who feel He shouldn’t claim it either invokes strife or has deleterious effects to their wyrd. Those who feel he should state He is part of the pantheon, they claim it is their right to honor one of the Ase’s, and their personal toast should have no effect on others. 

It is a persistent impasse. Two camps that can’t see eye to eye. Naturally, I have to side with toasting Loki. I don’t worry about who anyone toasts, toast Beezelbub for all I care. I have enough faith in my own Gods to know someone else’s toast won’t affect me. I also believe in tolerance, most people I know in any kind of marginalized minority believe in this; people have the right to honor and toast who they wish.

Naturally this conversation doesn’t include private gatherings and I don't claim any rights in a person's private home, the conversation centers around an organization’s public gathering. The organization in question welcome’s devotees of Loki’s but won’t allow them to toast him at their own public gathering. Almost by definition this creates a division, a class separation of ingard and utgard. It is a shunning of one of the Gods and a muzzling of those who honor Him. They call it maintaining frith but it is only frithful for those who don't care or don't want Loki toasted.

What many don’t realize is the pain this causes those who love Loki. Just once, I would like a detractor to be honest. I would love to hear them not complain of their own issues or fears surrounding Loki but to say out loud, ‘Yes, your God is utgard to me.’ It would be honest and something I would be better able to respect. 

I would hope though that they would understand the sorrow this brings, the sadness. It isn’t at anyone in general- not even at the most staunch and outspoken of the anti-Loki camp. It is a soft pervasive sorrow that doesn’t recede even when He Himself so gently whispers, “It’s ok. I don’t care.” Reality is, in my gnosis, He doesn’t care. It is the people who care. 

It doesn’t matter that I can toast any of my other Gods at said public event. I ask, how can I be expected to turn my back on a God who has been so kind to me, a God I so dearly love? How can I be asked this?

I was thinking about this one morning during my commute to work and came upon the flower pictured. It was growing right out of the concrete, a thing of beauty persisting and blooming despite having a bed of grit and pain. I realized this flower is me, it is the community of those who love or respect Loki. It is a joy to behold.

You see, someone recently wrote on a list that it is the shunning of Loki that gives Him power. No. It doesn’t. What it does do is bring together those who love Him, those who won’t shun Him. It is that bond of shared sorrow, that pain in being named utgard that brings devotees of Loki together. It is that which forces His to make their own ingard, to form their own community and it is community that gives power and strength.

To those who are upset, to those who feel pained and hurt, look to the joy that is springing forth. Devotees of Loki are slowly but surely connecting and banding together. Friendships are being formed, alliances and groups made. This would never had happened without the intolerance of those who hold fear,  hate, or just uncaring apathy, in their hearts.

We also have to look to the bright moments. In the midst of this debate I received an email from a woman falling in love with the Gods. It is Loki who contacted her, she has now an active devotion to Sigyn and Her sons. The beauty of her words and love lend hope, they make me realize that no matter what some may say, Loki is actively working to put love and faith on the table. He brings people into a spiritual practice, a love for the Gods. Doesn’t matter if they call it heathenry, paganism, or whatever else they choose to call it. These people, like this woman, are hearing the call. They are returning love for love, they are learning about the Gods and slowly expanding their practice. 

This, this is what is important. Not, as Loki calls it, a “petty argument.” Let other’s hold their fear, it isn’t for  a devotee of Loki’s to hold. Those who love Loki will honor Him. We will be persistent in our sorrow and with Loki’s help, transmute that pain into joy.





first breath of dawn’s gold glow.

You are my prayer.

A woman went to visit family that lived far far off. When she got there, she stopped in at her Opa's. He was sitting on his porch wearing his usual white robes. She looked at him and her heart swelled at the sight of his kindly, life lined face, and brilliant white hair. 

He took her hand and they went for a walk down the meandering path into the brush. After walking in silence for a time he said, 'Child, what do you see?' She looked around for a time and thought, Opa likes thoughtful answers, and finally said, 'Life, I see life.' 

He nodded sagely. 'What else?' She looked closer and noted amidst the burgeoning bustle of life the decaying flowers past their prime, insects eating other insects, a dead bird rotting in the soil under brush. 'Death Opa, I also see death.'

He stopped and looked at her, 'What will you do of this?' She thought of the world she came from, her land with its hustle and bustle and shameful rape/ignorance of Mother Earth. 'I don't know, I don't know what I can do.' 

'This then,' he said, 'is something to think on.'
Many think spirit-work to be glamorous. It isn’t. It’s work. It’s grief, sweat, and tears. Joys do come but they come at a price. Sometimes I wake in the middle of the night and write. This one I give to you- raw and unedited from my own failing seethe.


They are Ever.

I need you to know before you read this that I can love. Don’t think I’m writing that I can’t. I know how to love. My love is like the flutter of dove wings held to breast, like the thunderous roar of a lion, or the softest footsteps of a mouse. I was once told that I am too small for my love.

I can love.

But, haven’t you ever thought that we humans can only go so far? I mean no matter how much work we do, time we spend, sweat and tears we pour, that we can only go so far? Our human forms fail us, our meat brains just can’t transcribe that which is just beyond.

Haven’t you ever stood before Him in all glory and felt that boundary as though a glass wall? We can love and merge and join and open but there comes a point when we have to secede.  Then, we are forced to just yearn knowing that there is more, there is always closer and more; it is just right there, so close and ever so far.

See, there is a special kind of haunting. It’s the haunting of the almost is. That almost is, that almost reaching the deity just beyond the glass, that glass we are eternally running to.

And running from.

The almost is haunts.

And that’s when our hearts cry out in the night, that’s when we ram our fists into our pillows, that’s when we grieve.

For it is then we face our own mortality. They are Ever, we are but the Now.

Picture from Lenscratch.  

As one can't have what the other doesn't:

I adore you breaker of worlds

I adore you brother of Oðin

I adore you son of Laufey

I adore you son of Cruel-Striker

I adore you who leads Hel’s troops

I adore you of the slippery tongue

I adore you eater of the burnt heart

I adore you conniver with Father of the Slain

I adore you friend of Thor

I adore you kidnapper of Idunn

I adore you Idunn’s hero

I adore you mother to the eight legged steed

I adore you who breeds troll wives

I adore you Skadhi’s laughter

I adore you who plays tug-o-war with she-goats

I adore you Skadhi’s vengeance

I adore you of the mischievous eyes

I adore you slayer of the Holy God

I adore you slayed by the Holy God

 I adore you rider of the corpse ship

I adore you thief of thieves

I adore you who whispers gently in the night

 I adore you of the mirror’s shadow

 I adore you bound to three rocks

I adore you husband to gentle Sigyn

I adore you husband to ferocious Angrboda

 I adore you sire of the black Fen-wolf

I adore you sire of the World’s Embracer

I adore you sire of Death

I adore you who reveals the truth

I adore you of impetuous temper

I adore you Thor’s bridal hand-maiden

 I adore you Heimdallr’s companion

I adore you abandoner of Glut

I adore you God of the seething liminality

I adore you clever trickster

I adore you brother of Thekkr

I adore you who bears the burden’s of the Gods

I adore you stirrer of earthquakes

I adore you burnt by serpent’s venom

I adore you Sigyn’s challenge

 I adore you who bites as the flea

I adore you conniver of Brisingamen

I adore you God of the life-giving hearth fire

I adore you of the heat shimmered air

I adore you who glows bright in the night

I adore you who wouldn’t weep

I adore you Geirröd’s tease

I adore you starved by Geirröd

I adore you Sif’s secret

I adore you wise minded

I adore you who taught men to fish

I adore you hero to peasants

I adore you embarasser of the As

I adore you staunch friend of Hoernir

I adore you borrower of Freya’s cloak

I adore you of the scarred lips

I adore you who stole your own head from Brokkr

I adore you who gifted Gangleri with Gugnir

I adore you who gifted Freyr with Skidbladnir and the boar

I adore you who gifted Sif with treasures of harvest gold

I adore you who brought Mjollner

I adore you who brought the golden troth

I adore you of the light-ship shoes

I adore you who detests Vartari

I adore you deceived by Thor

I adore you bringer of light

I adore you forcer of truth

I adore you who slay otters

I adore you who warns of greed

I adore you sire of the murdered

I adore you bound of your own blood borne

I adore you sire of the mad-driven babe

I adore you betrayed by oath-kin

I adore you whose children were torn from your embrace

I adore you of the tear strewn wife

I adore you Svadilfar’s frantic dream

I adore you Bekri’s bane

I adore you fair and beautiful one

I adore you God of the sleight

I adore you of the crafty council

I adore you first father of falsehood

I adore you loving Trickster

I adore you mischief-monger

I adore you He who laughs

I adore you who teaches forgiveness

I adore you who teaches revenge

I adore you who was first betrayed

I adore you boder of Ragnarök’s tide

I adore you Freya’s nibbler

I adore you glint-eyed flyter

I adore you sire of the impaled howler

I adore you who brings new ways

I adore you in the shadow’s light

I adore you matched of the Bifrost Guardian’s battle power

I adore you God who will cry

I adore you of the new cult

I adore you who won’t be ignored

I adore you gentle lover

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I adore you sire of mankind

I adore you whitest of Gods

I adore you friend of Mardoll

I adore you God of heavens

I adore you son of undines

I adore you defender of Brisingamen

I adore you God of light

I adore you of the wet back

I adore you teacher of runes

I adore you golden tooth

I adore you lone ear

I adore you keeper of Bifrost

I adore you God of boundaries

I adore you rider of Gulltopr

I adore you mysterious God

I adore you brewer’s grandchild

I adore you secretive friend

I adore you Thor’s vexer

I adore you Trickster’s foe

I adore you Freya’s loyalty

I adore you honor’s beacon

I adore you wry neck

I adore you sounder of Gjallorhorn

I adore you guardian of Gods

I adore you Gullintanni

I adore you of the rainbow

I adore you warrior friend

I adore you whose horn carries the waters of Mimir’s well

I adore you who sees a hundred leagues

I adore you who hears wool grow

I adore you of the furious calm

I adore you of the gentle storm

I adore you who pledged your hearing

I adore you who hears the spindle

I adore you bright brother to Loki

I adore you sea battler

I adore you slayer of Lopt

I adore you slayed by Lopt

I adore you of the eternal stiff back

I adore you wind-shelter

I adore you warrior of seal form

I adore you who sleeps less than a bird

I adore you who watches

I adore you agent of sorcery

I adore you of the muddy back

I adore you rider of Yggdrasil

I adore you who sees as the Van

I adore you God of priests

I adore you tender patron

I adore you tallest of Gods

I adore you bright one

I adore you wearer of ram cloak

I adore you of the sacral rites

I adore you Hallinskiði

I adore you glowing-horn

I adore you fostered of Oðin

I adore you wind listener

I adore you bekri

I adore you discerning sentinel

I adore you my muse of Suttungr’s mead

I adore you birthed of nine elements

I adore you nourished of the sap of the earth

I adore you nourished of the ice-cold sea

I adore you  nourished of the boar’s blood

I adore you irminsul of my soul

I adore you shining bloom

I adore you world flourishing

I adore you bright dazzler

I adore you of quiet humor

I adore you glittering coat

I adore you of the curved horn

I adore you weaver of patterns

I adore you easer of strife

I adore you arch of heavens

I adore you collector of knowledge

I adore you Rigr, sire of Ríg-Jarl.

I adore you of the quiet strength

I adore you Loki’s traveling friend

I adore you born of waves

I adore you known as Lordly

I adore you who reside of air

I adore you who lives on the rocks of heaven

I adore you born ere of days of yore

I adore you survivor at last dusk’s tide

I adore you holder of prophecy

I adore you sleepless watcher

I adore you gazer of far

I adore you duet of wine

I adore you sire of high and low

I adore you of the drum-heart’s rhythm

I adore you stern master

I adore you keeper of wisdoms

I adore you singer of spells

I adore you who holds the world

I adore you beneficent fire

I adore you God of the sun

I adore you of the woodpecker’s peal

I adore you of the contemplative moment

I adore you gentle love

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I stood before my first altar. I had lit the candle, had some charcoal going and had applied the incense. I was nervous. Coming from a xian background I didn’t know how to do this, how to honor this deity before me. I didn’t even know Him as Loki then but felt I should worship Him. I was nearly shaking.

As I was wondering if I should get down on my knees He said, ‘You don’t have to do this.’ I looked over at Him, He looked uncomfortable and was blushing. He was embarrassed.

That was several years ago. Worship could be a good word but for those of us raised in xian cultures it contains meanings Loki doesn’t value. Loki isn’t an authoritarian God who wants those who follow Him to necessarily kneel and grovel. Loki wants to be honored by our sharing of our lives with Him.

I'm not going to speak of group practice here. There are traditions for such- just look up blot or sumbel. You can blot or toast any God, there is variation to be had within those rituals. Here I'm writing about one's private and personal methods of devotion.

Many people seek out traditions of honoring Loki, they lament not having a formal script. If one looks to the lore there aren’t any to be found. There are a few in folklore such as the tradition of tossing a bit of porridge into the morning fire for Him. This is a sharing of the breakfast meal and points toward Loki being such a God of home and hearth that sharing our daily lives is an appropriate offering to Him. He had no Hofs because the home was His altar. It is at my home. I do have an altar for Him, but truly He isn’t limited to that space nor can I only offer to Him or go to Him there.

Often there is concern over making sure what is offered is something He will like. Common information out there on the interweb points to exotic and spicy foods, funky candies, pops, and high caffeine drinks. Yes, He will accept those. But I will always remember that the first meal He ever actually asked me to make was one of simple meat and potato fare. Pot roast and fingerlings- He drooled for days over this meal. Also, the only times He has ever asked to share in the tasting has been for meat. So don’t forget He appreciates these simple items also. If anything, He misses them as so often He is only given sweets and the more exotic foods.

Hearts are a theme many arrive at concerning Loki. One is certainly free to wear a heart pendant or make a heart symbolizing your connection with Loki. This theme, however, has some very personal and intimate connotations. If you are of a mind I suggest waiting, not forcing this one. Don’t just see some idea or run out and buy a necklace or do some heart themed craft. Just honor Loki, love Him, meditate routinely on opening your heart to Him and one day He will give you a heart. It will be internal and intimate and may come with a material heart or the inspiration to create a heart. That will be the true gift and will be well worth waiting for.

There are those out there online who proffer up ‘traditions’ or rituals for honoring Loki. If one strikes an internal chord than feel free. I balk at most of them however. I'm a bit animist in my practice and if I need complicated instructions than I feel stilted, I don't feel free to love and honor Him being too bound up in a procedure. So let your inspiration soar!

Loki truly cherishes the individual, the unique in all of us. If He wanted His followers to all be doing similar things there would be a formal tradition to be found out there. There will always be some similarities such as the heart theme- but remember, this arose from private gnosis. Don’t be afraid of following your own inspiration. If you read something that tells you one must do certain things in certain ways then look askance at the author. There is no one way of honoring Loki, no one way to show devotion. There is no Loki ‘guru’ out there. Part of being a follower of Loki, part of honoring Him, is shedding your insecurities and striking out your own path, your own ways, following your own inspiration in what and how to honor Him.

One idea was recently mentioned to me that I very much like. It is the making of a book, a private devotional instead of a more formal altar. What an amazing idea. One can buy a journal or even make your own book. The pages can be filled with poetry, prose, thoughts, gnosis, and items one finds that meant something at the time. This truly would be a living breathing altar that varies with the ebb and flow of one’s devotional practice. An amazing idea and one that can illuminate the individuality and creativity of the adherent.

There is another person making altar lockets. Such things can be intensely personal, a true gift between you and your God. There are no set instructions for these items. No complicated procedures. That isn't Loki. These two mentioned are just things you can allow your creativity to flower on and enjoy that connection with Lopt's creative aspects.

For me, honoring Loki is a moment by moment passion. My every breath is a song to Him. Every bath, every bit of personal hygiene honors my body and therefore Him. Every household chore is an offering of effort and respect to Him as my home is His. Every meal I share with Him, even if done quietly at work where I set a bit aside and whisper, ‘This is for you Loki,’ is a way of honoring Him.

This also applies to the public face one presents of Loki. Here the curmudgeon will come out a bit but you’ll have to understand, I have the greatest of respect and passion for my Gods. People today have a false sense of privacy with internet lists, message boards, forums, and groups.  What one writes is there forever. Loki can bring out the fool in us and unfortunately that is often how people can appear. The titillating stories, His penis jokes, discussing sex with altar objects, the awkward tales, the flyting of others ‘in His name’- I’m not sure those posts always show respect for a God. People say they just need to let their hair down but remember, the internet isn’t a private forum. What is written reflects on Loki and His followers. Many Lokeans wonder why they aren’t accepted by other heathens or asatruar… well just look at what is often written!

Besides, many of those stories are best whispered drunkenly around a fire with a few select friends; that is how I see Loki preferring those tales be shared. Not in some shallow, anonymous internet forum. Basically, if it is something you wouldn’t say about a family member or about Thor then don’t say it. Not in public anyway. Show respect for the God you say you hold in such esteem. Others will respect you and He more for the doing.

Many people find offering Loki in a loud, vibrant, funky spirit works well. I applaud those who can do so. The Loki I know isn’t this way. He is funny at times but in general is more serious. He doesn’t dress in loud, wild, or flashy clothes. He’s more a jeans and leather jacket type. I don’t even see Him as a red head! I don’t know if He came to me this way because I had no preconceptions about Him that needed to be catered to or if He felt I wouldn’t respond to His wilder aspect. I don’t know but I’m happy with the Loki I have.

One day I did try to cater to His more funky side. I needed a bedside lamp and found something I thought would satisfy that zany sense of humor of His others mention. I showed it to some friends, all agreed that yes, Loki would like it!! So I ordered the lamp and waited. I didn’t tell Loki, I wanted it to be a surprise.

So the day came when the box arrived. I waited till the right moment and called out to Loki, ‘I have something for you!’ He eagerly came into the bedroom, always curious is Loki. I opened the box and proudly pulled out the lamp. It swung back and forth on its spring in a glorious riot of color.

Loki looked at it, looked at me, and flatly said, ‘It’s a lamp.’ I deflated but kept optimistically trying, ‘Yes. It’s fuzzy and it wiggles!’ He looked at me with a slightly knowing grin, tapped my arm and said, ‘You’ve already given me something that’s fuzzy and wiggles. ‘ I blushed but was doggedly determined, ‘But this lights up!’

‘So do you dear, so do you.’  

I’ve never told anyone about my failure at catering to Loki’s more funky side. But when we sweep away the sexual innuendo of the story, when we look at the message He was actually telling me, we realize what the Sly One was saying is that the offerings, the toys, the games- they aren’t what is important. I have given Him myself, that is what holds value to Him. That is all He asks. Any trinket, drink, offering we provide to Him is only symbolic of our devotion, our giving of self whether that be for a few moments or for a lifetime.

So cherish NOT having a set tradition. You are free to follow your hearts inclination in your private practice of honoring Loki. This is one of His greatest lessons for us, the lesson of learning to follow our own path, to cherish our own uniqueness. He will share that with us, we just have to dare.

For those interested I recommend the following blogs. These blogs are about the day to day thoughts and challenges of devotion. They aren’t all about Loki but these blogs are all from long term devotees who have spent years honing their private and public practice.  Much on devotion to a God can be found in these blogs without extraneous ‘do this’ and ‘do that’s’. They speak of what they do, it is up to the reader to use as wished.

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Maris Pai- she recently moved her blog and the new site doesn't have much as of this date but give it time.
Breiðablik Temple  

I also have my own post ‘The Pearl.’ I mention it because it touches on the sheer difficulty of living within the halls of devotion. There are no frilly toys, gadgets, or crafts in that place.

Of course there will be those affronted by this post. Any who are upset fail to realize, haven't yet learned, that personal devotion to a God is always a product of that individual human/God relationship. It can never be emulated nor copied nor ever should be. Go ahead and share, use those fundamentals as springboards, but also strive to grow one's own practice. It will mean ever so much more.