I saw something, not an hour ago, that made me sad.

I work in a small hospital. A man I see often was at the coffee stand. He is here frequently, I don't know his name but have seen him many times. He gets physical therapy here- he's in a wheelchair. I don't work in that department so I just see him at times in the cafeteria or as I pass the outpatient registration lounge. I smile, nod, we say hi. The exchanges people make who pass by often but haven't actually met. 

As he took his cup the barista said, 'Have a great day!' with her usual cheerful smile. That woman is almost too cheerful folks, but she is a pleasure when you come into work bleary eyed and in desperate need of caffeine.

So he looked at her as she smiled with her 'Have a great day!' and he said, 'I don't have great days. I just have days' before turning and wheeling away. It stopped me, made me so sad. What I heard was a choice. I didn't hear a man state a fact, I heard a man state a choice. Yes, he is in a wheelchair- I can't even begin to understand the difficulties. But I know others in wheelchairs who do have great days. Who have made the choice to live life to its fullest.

Of course this made me think. What choices have I made that prohibit me from the depth of happiness I could have? I'm a happy person, I have no qualms with my life. But, is there some choice I've made that I can choose to reverse? Some choice I can ferret out- some mental block that I can sweep away and have a fuller, more enriching life? I'm sure there is, I just have to find it.

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