Drifting through Love’s soft caress
Cool wetness at my feet rising higher and higher
Till engulfed in this velvet jewel of liquid, of water
Feeling tide’s surge throughout, cool motion
Within blue high

Looking up and about I see multifacet reflections
From within this jem of motion
Rocking and swaying rushing and churning
The tide moves forward
We sway and shift together in liquid harmony

Then air He, blowing rushing down the bank
My bank.
Reaching shore and striking waters edge
The foam spray takes my breath away.

The wind mixes and froths the bubbles created
Rising higher till I burst asunder.


Water calms, stills, languid slow tide.
The runes call, I rise still fluid
They tease, they play in symbols, We laugh
They aren’t done yet, the cast goes forth again
Gebo, Nauthiz, Laguz
Gifts have been given but water’s need calls again
I close my eyes and see light’s reflection
Cascading about me as I float in the depths
Brilliant blue this water is
Geometric dapples, sunstruck ripples in the soft sway

The Nine swim in the distance
They spin and play joyous in Life.
He comes and surrounds with soft feather touch
We drift languid to shore no hurry.

As I break surface
Gleaming brilliance on the shore blinds
Golden as the sun, gilded and bright
No radiance has ever equaled except for His white burn

Golden Mane.
I am overwhelmed, I bury my face into his wither
I surrender my tears to the beauty as He gently looks on.
The photo doesn't do Gulltopr justice- I've tickled Maris Pai (who did the  Heimdallr and Loki art) and am hoping she comes up with something. The pic is from http://thoroughbredadventure.blogspot.com/2011_04_01_archive.html. I adjusted the brightness a bit to more accurately reflect the animal. Gulltopr is calm, well behaved, but as ready to go as a supercharged racecar at the slightest press of the gas. The animal truly gleams to a blinding hue. Just what I would expect of Heimdalli.

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