I bought some thinbread the other day. There are several brands out there. Thinbread is those round sandwich breads- super thin and help one conserve on those dratted calories and carbs. Have you ever tried them? About the size of an English Muffin, both sides thinner than half of that same muffin. You apply your sandwich fillings and assorted toppings and eat. Only problem is the bread is so thin half the time it falls apart from the moisture of your mayo and you end up eating your fillings off your plate and licking mustard off of your fingers. The bread itself is thin and dry so you have to add extra mayo or drink plenty of fluids to help wash the sandwich down. The cost for a pack of 8 portions is, ounce for ounce, far more than all but the most premium of regular breads. But ahhh, you are doing good for yourself, eating well, right?

I’m not so sure. As I was finishing up the second and last pack of thinbread I’ll ever purchase I realized I’m not doing myself nor my pocket book any favors. Then it struck me, thinbread is a metaphor for religion. Basic dry religion, religion for the masses. I’ve been thinking lately on the difference between religion for the masses and the true core of religion. There is a difference. Sure, I can go to church or some blot, I can light a candle for Wodan or make a funny rhyme for Loki. But is this religion? It certainly is something each person has to think of on their own.

For me, going through those motions, eating flat dry bread- it isn’t real religion. Someone mentioned to me there is a difference between mysticism and religion. Mysticism is, to put it simply, the pursuit of divine truth through inspiration or direct communion with higher powers. Religion, on the other hand, is defined as a set of beliefs concerning the cause, nature, and purpose of the universe.  I don’t think there has to be a division and to claim there is forces a dividing line, a split between religion for the masses and then a religion for a select few mystics, priests, godhis.

Many out there do, at least unconsciously, recognize this divisor. They go through the motions, drive to church or a blot, say a rote prayer, eat their dry bread and figure they did good for themselves. They got their weekly or monthly dose of grace and now it is time to get back to 'real' life. But everyone, anyone, can take a moment and truly ponder, try to sense the enormity and grace of their God. Anyone, everyone, can read their myths or their Bible or their Koran or whatever they read and not just try to memorize and accept rote verses or stanzas but attempt to consider the meanings and symbolism behind the words.

Any true hearted attempt to feel one’s religion with one’s heart and soul will bring a person closer to their God, will add the spice of mysticism to the true religion they belong to. Really, don’t just read about Thor and offer him a beer once in a while; run outside into that lightening storm and feel/delight in his power and presence. A bit risky? Yeah, so is life. Running out for a few moments into a storm is far less risky than driving to the store to buy your thinbread so get over that one and just do it. Besides, the storm is far more fun and exhilarating. Don’t like Thor? Quit the excuses and do whatever needs to be done to feel your God and the religion He/She stands for. You don’t have to wait for an official feast or religious day. Loki said to me once, ‘A date is just a date. You can have a party any time.’ This applies to any God, don’t get stuck in a calendar.

So I’m tossing the thinbread idea. If I want to count calories I’ll buy good yummy bread and just make half a sandwich. It is the same size as the thinbread, same bread calories, and it will actually hold a filling.

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